upcycle your clothes

If you are tired of wearing lats year's clothes but don't want to buy new ones,  come along to the ypcycling evenings and learn how to give new life to your old garments. We give creative ideas and teach experimental techniques to transform anything textile: Whether you just want to learn to resew on buttons, holes in your favourite dress, or have an ambitious project to turn a pair of jeans into a backpack, all levels are welcome. Sewing machines and materials available, bring your own project and ideas - whatever is sitting in your wardrobe just waiting to be reinvented.

Lisa Simpson has been upcycling since 2003, working between visual arts, fashion and music. She is known for her musical sewing performances, preparing the sewing machine as a musical instrument, translating improvisational techniques from musical compositions into textiles. Strongly influenced by DIY and Adhoc, her workshops focus on free experimentation and learn by doing.

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