upcycling lamp design by Ambidextre + music by Nansea

We love projects that give new life to discarded materials, which is why we are delighted to host designer Anaïs Fraise exhibiting her line of upcycled lamps from October 26 until November 30, 2017 at our studio on Emser Straße 126.

Ambidextre by Anaïs Fraise gives a second chance to found objects, with a touch of nostalgia creating unique design pieces that brighten a room, a touch of humour in repurposing decorative antique porcelain into utilitarian works. Each object is one of a kind and hand made.

Opening reception on Thursday October 26, from 7pm. To set the mood for our evening of shadows and light, we are pleased to open the stage to the angelical voice of Marek Polgesek to serenade us. His project Nansea is Baroque pop music dealing with themes like queer kings and the turmoil sparked by the passions of the body and the heart. Expect costumes by Agente Costura.

Emser Straße 126
Thursday, October 26 from 7pm

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